Saturday Intensive Classes

About Our Classes


Chinese Class

Our Chinese class teachers teach Chinese characters, pinyin, and songs, We teach students how to write chinese characters and phrases, listen to a sentence and translate, and also how to pronounce difficult chinese characters.

English Class

Our English class teachers teach students how to spell and pronounce words. We give out worksheets for students to complete in class and at home. Our English class provides students an opportunity to improve their English skills.

Math Class

Our Math class teachers teach students how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply. We provide different math difficulties based on student's grade and skill. We offer basic addition and subtraction for the younger kids, but also surface area and volume of shapes for the fifth and sixth graders.

Art Class

Our Art teacher provides a picture for students to draw and color. The teacher offers help to kids who are new at drawing. Sometimes, kids have to draw a painting made by the teacher or even pictures of photos taken by photographers.

Our Levels

Our Saturday school provides basic, intermediate, and advanced classes. 


Chinese Class: $240.00 for 12 weeks

Chinese + Math Classes: $330.00 for 12 weeks

Math + English + Art Classes: $330.00 for 12 weeks

Chinese + Math + English + Arts Classes: $420.00 for 12 weeks