Talent Bilingual School is a unique school in which English, Chinese and other languages are used in a bilingual environment. As our children have many different backgrounds we try to show the children from this early age how we can exchange feelings and exist together.
  At Talent Bilingual School our curriculum is made up of a balanced mix of Asian and American methods of children’s education.  
 It is this mix that makes Talent Bilingual School such a unique Bilingual Language school. With each child having different needs, enhancing the children’s motivation, self esteem and respect requires through care. Especially their cognitive, arithmetical, and musical talents, the teachers guide the children to take on challenges whole-heartedly. 
   Talent Bilingual School introduces the children to a bilingual environment and new cultures. In particular the children have a chance to experience a true Multi-Cultural environment, which they would not normally experience in here.  As they say, “seeing is believing “so please feel free to come and visit Talent Bilingual Learning Center, experience the atmosphere and see our unique environment.